Unspoken Words: A Selective Mutism Podcast, by Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum

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Shining Stars – Carlie

Meet Carlie When Carlie was starting school, her parents and teachers realized she was completely mute in the school setting. Carlie even began to [...]

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Shining Stars – Hannah

Meet Hannah Hannah's parents began to notice that outside of the home, she was mute. After trying different treatment options, her family discovered the [...]

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Shining Stars – Leila

Meet Leila After being diagnosed with Selective Mutism, Leila found the SMart Center and started working through her nerves and anxieties after finding the [...]

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Shining Stars – Rachel

Meet Rachel Rachel was around 2 years old when her parents realized she was mute in public settings. During pre-school, Rachel was diagnosed with [...]

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