Individual Treatment for children, teens and adults

Our gold standard and most successful approach to treating Selective Mutism is working with us one-on-one by way of our Individualized Intensive Program or Jumpstart. Our treatment uses Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum’s evidence-based S-CAT® and is available both in-person and via telehealth

Designed for children, teens, and adults who have social communication challenges such as Selective Mutism, social anxiety, extreme shyness, social communication (pragmatic) disorder, and other related challenges. 

More than 6,000 individuals worldwide have been successfully treated with the Individualized Intensive S-CAT® Program.

S-CAT® Individualized Intensive Program (one or multi-day)

Our Individual Treatment program can be performed in one day or across multiple days. Treatment can begin on the same day as the Selective Mutism Evaluation. You can expect an all-encompassing assessment of the individual’s social communication challenges.

Individual Treatment focuses on:

  • Contributing factors – Treatment is based on our assessment and understanding of the co-existing challenges a child or teen is facing.
  • Strategies, tactics, and school-based accommodations – Following the initial session, families and individuals receive a detailed, step-by-step written treatment plan with proven techniques to implement at home and in the real-world.
  • Continued care can look like: 
    • Monthly or weekly consultations, as needed.
    • Medication management consultation
    • School consultation
    • Group treatment (CommuniCamp™, Online Virtual Groups)

Jumpstart Program

The SMart Center offers a more incremental approach to treating Selective Mutism and related disorders.

Our Jump Start program will evaluate and treat using S-CAT® treatment principles.

However, this program does not include the full S-CAT® program components such as an in-depth assessment and the detailed, step-by-step written treatment plan.