The SMart Center knows that preparing ahead of time is key to feeling comfortable in a new setting. This is why we are excited to share answers to some common FAQs for our campers who may be joining us at an upcoming CommuniCamp™ program! Here are some common questions campers have asked:

  1. “Will I only be with other kids in my grade?”

    • Our campers are assigned to groups with other kids their age. Campers will also get to interact with other groups throughout the program!

  2. “Who will be my teacher?”

    • Our amazing counselors are the “teachers” throughout the program. Campers will get to meet their counselors during Friday night’s pizza orientation!

  3. “What will my classroom look like?”

    • CommuniCamp™ takes place in a local school, so campers’ classrooms will look like a typical classroom.

  4. “What games will we play at CommuniCamp™?”

    • Campers get to play all kinds of games during camp, including indoor and outdoor games, surveys and polls, practicing real-life scenarios, crafts, and yummy activities like cookie decorating!

  5. “What will the other kids in my group look like?”

    • There will be kids of all kinds coming from different corners of the country and overseas to have fun and meet kids who all have the same lived experience!

  6. “How many kids will be in my classroom?”

    • The classroom size depends on the camp session. Typically, we have 6 to 10 campers in a group with 3 to 5 dedicated counselors or “teachers!”

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