School-Based Services

Our school-based services cater to school professionals seeking an increased understanding of a student’s social communication challenges. This types of consultations will implement strategies and accommodations that will serve students in the classroom setting. Available to both SMart Center patients and non-patients.

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School Consultation

Overview: School Consultations are designed to aid in the support and coaching of school professionals working with a student with:

  • Selective Mutism
  • Social Anxiety
  • Extreme shyness.

Details: This is an opportunity for an open dialogue between school personnel and our clinical team to promote an understanding of a child and/or teen’s social communication challenges.

A consult will provide recommended strategies for increased social communication as well as how adjustments can be made given the needs of the specific school.

School Consultations include:

  • Professional review of our school assessment forms
  • 30 to 60-minute phone or web-conferencing session with school professionals
  • Clinical time before the appointment for clinician to review parent and school assessment forms.

Note: We can discuss 504 or IEP plans during these consultations.

On-Site School Observation & Training

Overview: A trained clinician will observe a child with social communication challenges in their classroom setting then meet with school personnel to discuss findings and suggest school-based accommodations and interventions.

  • Note: service is not meant to replace an initial in-person evaluation of a child/student.  At no time is a medical or psychological diagnosis made or confirmed nor are recommendations supplied for outside of the school environment.

Details: Our clinician will spend approximately one hour observing the student in their classroom setting and approximately one hour discussing findings, recommendations, and answering questions with school team.

  • Note: service is available for a current patients of the SMart Center as a 2-hour training. In this case, observation time is either optional or required based on clinician recommendation.

This service includes:

  • Pre-appointment clinical review of SMart Center assessment forms from school and parents
  • A clinical report post-session.

Service is available in parts of PA, NJ, NY, MD, & DE.

General Training Opportunities

Overview: This seminar will provide a general education for school professionals looking to better understand and assist children with selective mutism. This training can be adapted for in-person or web-conferencing formats in various lengths of time (one hour, half day, whole day).

Details: Attendees will learn:

  • What behaviors are indicative of selective mutism
  • How Dr. Shipon-Blum’s evidenced based S-CAT® treatment approach can help
  • What interventions can be used to promote communication within the school setting.

We will also discuss topics such as, contributing factors to a child’s development of selective mutism; how to evaluate a mute child, and school accommodations/interventions (504/IEP). Time will also be provided to answer questions.

In-person trainings: for schools in parts of PA, NJ, NY, MD, & DE.