Meet Lucas

A video testimonial and message from Lucas’s mom, Maureen:

“Lucas first came to the Smart Center when he was three years old.  He was completely mute in his school environment and with people outside his immediately family.  After being given the specific SCAT strategies to implement, we worked very hard to incorporate them into our daily routine and began to see progress quite quickly.  We played games given to us by Dr. E. and used a sticker chart with rewards to keep him motivated.  Lucas was fearful of a lot situations, so we incorporated a scary chart into our daily routine that helped him identify and discuss how scary a situation felt.  This strategy really helped him feel more in control of his feelings.  Every little success built his confidence and each year he improved.  Now at the age of 6, he is verbal in all settings.”

Since working with the SMart Center, Lucas has started his own gaming YouTube channel! To subscribe to Lucas’ channel, click here!

Maureen created a journal for children, My Book of Brave: A Journal for Taking Control of Scary Feelings and Fears, available on Amazon!