Meet Grayson

“One of the things we were most grateful for was the strategies us as parents came away with from our visit. Now, 6 months later, Grayson is significantly better and is using his voice in situations he never would have before. It’s so relieving to have been taught these tactics since prior to our consult we as parents felt hopeless. SMart Center really has been life changing for us as parents and Grayson. Thank you!!!!”

“Had to share this video.  It brings me to tears hearing him talk in a NORMAL voice and so freely in circle time in front of 27 OTHER KIDS!  Something I could not even imagine possible 6 months ago.  Thank you SO MUCH for our time at the SMart Center.  It has been life changing for Grayson as well as Mike and I. Thank you again for helping us help Grayson find his voice.” -Grayson’s Mom