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The SMart Center presents an 8-week group therapy program running from 4:30 PM EST – 6:00 PM EST on Mondays starting March 5th and ending April 23rd, 2018. Geared toward helping teens (ages 13-17) with Selective Mutism, Social Anxiety, and Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder, the program is centered on the research-based Social Communication Anxiety Treatment ® (S-CAT®) developed by Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum and led by our clinical psychologist, Dr. Irina Khrapatina, and graduate student trainee. The group uses structured lessons and activities to build social confidence and relationships, develop social communication skills, and acquire strategies for coping with social anxiety, with the goal of helping teens cross the bridge to social communication. The group is intentionally kept small to allow for more individualized attention and building comfort in social settings.