“Is it common for OCD to be a comorbidity with SM? If so, what are some treatment strategies?”

OCD can absolutely be a comorbidity with Selective Mutism (SM). OCD and Selective Mutism are both anxiety disorders. According to research, approximately 25% of individuals with Selective Mutism have other anxieties; OCD being one of them.

It’s critical that an individual with Selective Mutism have a full evaluation to determine the comorbidities that may be occurring alongside their SM. Ideally, both can be treated at the same time.

As far as treatment strategies, I have found that SCAT® (Social Communication Anxiety Treatment), our treatment approach – which is a very CBT-based – can help with OCD. A big part of treatment for Selective Mutism is giving control back to the individual they feel out of control. This is exactly how individuals feel with OCD. They feel very out of control.

So any strategy we can implement that helps give an individual a sense of control, is a strategy worth looking into. – Dr. E


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