Meet the Taylor Twins

Words cannot begin to express the gratitude my family has for the SMart Center. Two years ago my identical twin daughters started pre-school and went completely mute while at school. They showed very little affect and would stand huddled together in a corner.  I have been a special educator for 15 years, so I mistakenly thought I would be able to help my daughters find their voices again. After 4 months of in-home therapy with a child psychologist and almost no progress, we decided to look for other avenues to help our daughters.

That is when we found the SMart Center and our lives changed! We started therapy with the amazing Jennifer Brittingham, M.A. and within a month, there were drastic changes with our girls. After 4 months of incredible support from Miss Jennifer and following the comprehensive S-CAT® program, my daughters began talking at school. I walked into my daughters’ class to pick them up and the teacher was crying and started shaking her head yes.  I instantly knew my brave girls had found their voices. We continued using Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum’s S-CAT® program and our daughters continued to blossom. Now our daughters are in first grade and they opened their Spring Show with the only speaking parts in the show! They stood in front of 300 people and spoke in big, strong, glorious voices! I have never been happier or prouder in my life. Thank you, SMart Center. Thank you for guiding us on this journey and helping us find so much success.