Meet Suzie

At 1 year old, Suzie’s* parents noticed she wasn’t talking in school. She told her parents she was too shy to speak outside of the house and wouldn’t speak outside of the house when other people were around. When finding the SMart Center, they realized that the S-CAT® treatment approach allowed them to set realistic goals towards Suzie becoming more verbal. Since joining us for CommuniCamp™, Suzie has made amazing progress in being verbal in all settings!


Read more about Suzie’s SM journey below! 


How old was your child when you first noticed she was mute in select settings?  

3 years old.

Please briefly summarize which settings Suzie was mute in.  

She was found not talking at school starting at age of 1. She always told us that she was shy at school. We also noted that she was not talking outside of the house whenever there are people around. 

Was she in treatment for Selective Mutism, Social Anxiety, or related disorders before you found the SMart Center? 


What brought you to seek treatment for Suzie at the SMart Center? What makes S-CAT® treatment different from other methods she may have tried before finding the SMart Center, if any?  

What makes S-CAT treatment unique is that it helps us to set up a realistic goal towards vocalization. 

Which SMart Center services did Suzie use? 

The CommuniCamp™ Intensive Group Treatment & Parent Training Program.  

How often do/did you consult with the SMart Center?  

We have not done that yet. 

What changes have you noticed in Suzie? Please describe her overall progress, including functioning in school, at home, with friends and teachers, and any changes you have seen in her since starting treatment.  

We changed our strategy after the camp. We exposed her to all different settings as much as possible. She is moved to a new school. We were so lucky to have a very supportive and passionate teacher! 

Which S-CAT® strategies helped the most?  

Practicing the interview questions beforehand is very helpful! And exposure as often as you can! 

Do you have any “key” advice for other parents with children battling Selective Mutism now?  

Join a CommuniCamp and do your homework! It is our homework to prepare for the child and help to rebuild their confidence.  

How is Suzie feeling now? 

My daughter told her friend: “I will talk a million, a trillion, and will never stop talking!” 

*Name and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the individual*