Meet Jaeda

“The ambiance and atmosphere at the SMart Center is fabulous and the compassion they have for these kids struggling with SM is unbelievable… we can officially say our Jaeda is non-stop talking and tattle-tailing on her sisters. It’s a huge relief to hear her and see her in her comfort zone talking away. We can’t thank the SMart Center in helping us through this process. We have had a few parents from around the U.S. call us to give them feedback and we have nothing but great things to say. YES, it does work! Lots of patience, and consistency is key. She definitely is our Shining Star!”

 – Jaeda’s mom, Aimee (CommuniCamper and member of our SMart Center Family)

If you’d like to speak to Jaeda’s mom about their experience with the SMart Center’s Treatment Program, send an email to and we’ll be happy to share her contact information. She, among many of our family members, has offered to be a reference for our center.