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School-Based Services

We offer multiple professional services within the school environment.

  1. Web Conferencing OR Webinar:

    Workshops, seminars, roundtable discussions, in-service trainings, 1.5-3 hour presentations where our staff presents long distance to YOU!
    Benefit: Most cost-effective! No travel costs! 
    Perfect for:

    • Schools interested in in-service trainings and workshops,
    • Roundtable workshops for groups of parents, treating professionals, school personnel
    *Continuing Education credits available for select professionals


  2. S-CAT® School Consultation:

    This service, conducted by phone or web conferencing, is designed to aid in the support and coaching of school professionals working with a patient of the SMart Center.
    This is an opportunity for an open dialogue with our clinical team to promote understanding of the child/teen’s social communication challenges, recommend strategies for increased social communication, and how adjustments can be made given the needs of the specific school.
    We can also discuss 504 or IEP plans during these consultations.
    Typically 30- to 60-minutes in length, this consultation also includes a professional review of our school assessment form and a clinical summary report.


  3. Professional Consultation:

    This service is designed to support school professionals working with a student, child or adolescent with selective mutism or other social communication challenges who is not currently a patient at the SMart Center.
    Conducted in a Q&A format, our trained clinicians speak with you about the child/teen’s social communication challenges and provide recommended strategies and approaches. We can discuss 504 or IEP plans during these consultations as well. Note: This session is intended to provide overall guidance and does not replace a formal evaluation and treatment program.
    The initial session includes pre-appointment assessment review of school/parent feedback forms and one hour session by phone or web conferencing. Ongoing sessions are typically one hour in length as well.


  4. On-Site School Observation & Training:
    Our trained clinician will observe a child or teen with social communication challenges in their classroom setting, and then meet with school personnel to discuss findings and suggest school-based accommodations and interventions. 

    Available for schools in parts of PA, NJ, NY, MD, DE. Webinars available for other locations!
    *Continuing Education credits available for select professionals
  5. Selective Mutism “In the School” Training:

    This training is designed for schools looking for a general educational seminar to better understand and assist students with selective mutism. Training can be done via either in-person or web-conferencing, and can be done hourly, for a half-day, or a full day. 
    Through this training, school professionals will learn behaviors indicative of selective mutism, contributing factors, how to assess and evaluate a mute child, how our S-CAT program can help, and what interventions and accommodations can be used to promote communication within the school setting.