Studies and research surrounding Selective Mutism are scarce and textbook descriptions are often nonexistent or limited. In many situations, the information is inaccurate and misleading. As a result, few people truly understand Selective Mutism.

A personal experience inspired Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum to delve into the enigma that was Selective Mutism and has since dedicated the past 20 years of her life to studying, researching, and treating children who suffer in silence. Below is a collection of research studies, literature, and other resources to spread awareness and promote understanding and support of children and teens with Selective Mutism.

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Animal Assisted Therapy

The SMart Center incorporates therapy animals in treatment to provide comfort and emotional support, relieve stress, increase mental alertness, and most importantly: to create a motivating atmosphere to expand communication and strengthen our patients’ determination to cross the bridge to social communication.

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