Treating Professionals & Case Management

If you’re working with a child or adolescent with selective mutism or other social communication challenges who is not currently a patient at the SMart Center, we can offer you a consultation service. Conducted in a Q&A format, our trained clinicians speak with you about your patient’s social communication challenges and provide recommended strategies. We can discuss 504 or IEP plans during these consultations as well.

Note: There is no clinical-patient relationship established in a professional consultation format. This session is intended to provide overall guidance and does not replace a formal evaluation and treatment program. The initial session includes a pre-appointment assessment review of school/parent feedback forms and a one hour session by phone or web conferencing. Ongoing sessions are typically one hour in length.

Before your professional consultation, please complete the following:
SM School Evaluation Form

Waiver of Liability (Links below, differ by clinician)
The Waiver of Liability confirms to the SMart Center that you are aware that the professional consultation is an informational session only and is NOT meant to serve as an evaluation of a child. This form should be completed by BOTH the child’s parents and a school staff representative if both the child’s parents and child’s school team are attending this consultation.
Professional Consultation with Dr. Shipon-Blum Waiver
Professional Consultation with Jennifer Waiver

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