Dr. E’s Poem Dedicated to Her Daughter Sophia

What is Selective Mutism?
It is a beautiful little 4-year-old who loves to talk to her dolls… But she cannot speak outside the home.

It is an adorable 6 year old boy who runs around boisterously in his backyard… but stands expressionless, staring into space, when he enters his classroom.

It is a 11-year-old little girl who sings and writes beautiful songs at home… but cannot verbalize a sound to her teacher and classmates.

It is a 15-year-old boy who loves computers, roughhousing and joking with his best friend… but cannot talk to his best friend at school or other social events.

It is a sensitive and perceptive little 5-year-old girl who tells her parents all the exciting and fun things she wants to do at her birthday party… but has never spoken a word to anyone outside the home.

It is a comical 6-year-old girl who dances and sings in the entertainment room while her family proudly watches on… but, stands motionless, and cannot utter a sound when her class rehearses for the school musical.

It is a 9-year-old boy cheering loudly and intensely as he watches his favorite hockey team score a goal… but sits alone at a party and sadly turns away when another child approaches him.

It is an artistic 7-year-old girl who prides herself on showing off her artwork to her family and two best friends… but cannot talk to these friends at school.

What is Selective Mutism?
It is a child suffering in silence.