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Led by Samantha Algauer, M.A., and Jenna Blum, B.A., this group is for tween, teens, and their parents to meet and discuss the beneficial and negative uses of social media/technology (e.g. connectivity, self-care, learning/research, cyberbullying, social comparison, etc.), as well as helpful information to help teens navigate the use of online schooling forums comfortably and confidently during COVID-19. Supplementary discussion of using technology to enhance coping skills.

This event will reoccur every Tuesday at 1pm EDT. Registration is $30/session. Ongoing support is recommended as this situation is evolving daily, so we encourage you to participate in this recurring support group as often as possible! Click here to register and select the date(s) you wish to attend: https://fs4.formsite.com/smartcenter/mi3zpbrhaq/index.html

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