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Support will be provided for adolescents, ages 8-13, who may be experiencing stress, worries, and feel as though things are out of their control. This group will provide psychoeducation regarding the onset and symptoms of anxiety as well as specific skills and techniques that they can implement to help manage symptoms of anxiety. Adolescents will be given weekly activities where they will implement strategies that they discussed in the group and apply it to their lives. The supportive nature of the group will encourage adolescents to share their fears and worries. Topics will include the discussions regarding the current global climate and its affect on the adolescent’s daily routine as well as the potential impact on their feelings of stress.

This event will reoccur every Tuesday at 9am EDT. Registration is $30/session. Ongoing support is recommended as this situation is evolving daily, so we encourage you to participate in this recurring support group as often as possible! Click here to register and select the date(s) you wish to attend: https://fs4.formsite.com/smartcenter/lclgmrqxbo/index.html 

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