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Due to demand, we are excited to offer a One Full Day (6 hours!) Virtual CommuniCamp™ Program for children (and their families!) between the ages of 12 and 17. Exceptions can be made for some 18 and 19-year-olds. See our FAQs to learn more.
Read more about the Tween/Teen CommuniCamp experience


The SMart Center, under the direction of Selective Mutism pioneer, Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum, has been treating children, tweens/teens, and adults with SM for over 25 years using S-CAT®, an evidenced-based treatment focusing on the whole person and a CBT, family systems approach.

This 1-Day Program is modeled after our successful in-person CommuniCamp™ but done virtually and for one full day–6 hours. The CommuniCamp™ experience allows children to learn skills for home, the real world, and school–in a classroom or while distance learning. In addition, parents receive education and training to support their child’s progress.

Our Virtual CommuniCamp™ is popular since families can receive treatment, meet others who understand, and learn as if they are in-person at our Center! No travel involved. Virtual CommuniCamp™, like our individual telehealth treatment programs, are done in the comfort of a child/teen’s home, which has proven to be a strong advantage for them (and their parents). Using a virtual platform, we practice ALL the same skills and have mock social settings with unique and ultra-fun virtual backgrounds! These backgrounds help the child visualize the setting and practice skills.  This has carried over well into real-world/school social settings and is a favorite amongst our families!

Our 6-hour program is unmatched! It is an intensive group treatment and support program for our children/teens/parents to provide parents with education and support throughout. There will be breakout treatment sessions with clinical counselors and separate support/connection luncheons for parents and campers. In addition to therapeutic, evidence-based strategies, CommuniCamp™ and the S-CAT® program, exclusively used in SMart Center Programs, is known for the tremendous amount of support that both parents and campers receive before, during, and after the program. Our 1-Day Virtual CommuniCamp™ program is no different! Included in the price of the program, families receive:

  • Multiple relevant handouts and webinars to supplement your CommuniCamp™ experience to take home and to be shared with the school/teachers/relatives/friends.
  • A one-on-one support call with the camper’s counselor to discuss what strategies worked best with your child during the day.
  • Receipts with CPT codes to submit to insurance
  • Confirmation of diagnosis letter
  • Recommendations for continued support: Individualized Follow-Up Sessions in-person or web-conference, School Consultations via web-conference, attend CommuniCamp™ again
  • A support system of professionals and peers you (and your child) can relate to and keep in touch with after the program.
  •  A metaphorical tool belt equipped with skills, strategies, and mechanisms for overcoming Selective Mutism.

If you are interested in attending this event or learning more about CommuniCamp, please fill out our CommuniCamp Interest Form.

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