This episode is a Live Chat with Parents, hosted by Dr. E and moderated by LisaMarie. This episode of “Unspoken Words” showcases a special recording focused on children ages nine to 12 with selective mutism. Three parents, Daphne, Edwin, and Julie, engage in conversation, sharing their experiences and asking questions related to their children’s specific circumstances.

The episode includes a discussion about school accommodations for children with selective mutism, emphasizing the importance of the school staff’s involvement in implementing strategies and necessary accommodations to encourage progress. It also highlights the significance of fostering independence and building self-esteem in children of this age group. Dr. E talks about the need for children to have a diagnosis, but also to move towards a treatment plan, involving communication exercises, involvement in clubs and activities, etc. Maintaining a 504 plan or IEP is advised at least for another year following a child’s progression to being fully communicative.

The conversation extends to determining the best schooling environment, either private or public, based on a child’s needs. Another vital aspect discussed during this episode is responsible decision-making and problem-solving capabilities of children.

The episode wraps up with an emphasis on the adaptability of friendships during middle-school age and the need to present children with opportunities to make decisions and solve problems by themselves. The ultimate goal is to help children reach their full potential socially, academically, and emotionally.

Overall, this episode is packed with practical tips, expert advice, and personal experiences, aiming to provide valuable insights into selective mutism in children aged nine to twelve.

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