Online Support & Treatment Groups Plus Webinars!

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Whether you or someone you know is struggling with anxiety, depression, Selective Mutism, or behavioral issues, or if Moms, Dads, teachers, and students need support, we are here for you (while maintaining our social distance). We offer daily online support and treatment groups (topics and groups reoccur weekly) as well as educational and strategic webinars so you and your family can build the coping skills needed to maintain mental wellness without leaving the comfort of your home! Click on the categories below to find a group (or multiple groups!) that works for you and/or your family.  Also, for those interested in our intensive group treatment for Selective Mutism, visit:

For one on one support/treatment or an evaluation, consider Telehealth.

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One-Day Virtual CommuniCamp!

4-Day In-Person CommuniCamp

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Intensive Group Treatment & Parent Education Program
President’s Weekend, February 12-15th 2021
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To apply:  February 2021 Application

Anxiety Groups for Adolescents, Adults, & Parents

School-Based Groups for Students, Parents, & Teachers

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The following groups are meant to mimic a small group or classroom group of children and/or teens. Within these small groups, children/teens will build comfort and utilize strategies to help them see/visualize themselves communicating within groups that mimic school.

Guided Virtual Play-Date for Children with Selective Mutism and/or Social Anxiety (for children 3-9 yrs old)
Guided Virtual Get-Together  with Selective Mutism and/or Social Anxiety (for children/teens 10-18 yrs old)

Groups for Parents of Children, Tweens, & Teens

In addition to Selective Mutism, we have a division of the SMart Center, SMart Center Counseling & Assessments to help children, teens, or adults who is suffer with with anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges. We offer Telehealth for both treatment and for evaluations.
To schedule your telehealth appointment or to learn more, email: OR call: 215-887-5748