1. Prepare your child for interaction with relatives and friends.
Before attending a summer party or family gathering, help your child understand what to expect by:
  1. Showing them pictures of people attending the party/event
  2. Giving them a role to play, e.g. put the child in charge of cooking a dish and carrying it into the party, setting the table, or collecting coats, purses, etc.
  3. Bringing a “prop” such as a school yearbook or favorite toy to serve as something to transfer the focus from the child
2. Prepare friends or relatives for interaction with your child with our “About My Child Template S-CAT(R)” worksheet.

3. Dig your toes in the sand and bury your head in a book!

Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum’s Selective Mutism Summer Vacation and Back-to-School Guide focuses on navigating the routines, activities, and decisions distinctive to summer. This book provides recommendations and strategies to build social communication skills during summer break and guides readers through preparing for the start of the upcoming school year.

“I found this book to be both informative and engaging. It was easy to read and included practical situations and suggestions to help parents, teachers, and therapists working with children with SM. Charts, activities, and readily available forms were included within the book. I especially liked the manner in which common questions and answers were delineated within key sections of the text. The content material and strategies offered in [this book] are most worthwhile and recommended to those looking for a hands-on manual with practical and functional strategies to use with children who have SM.” 

-Available in hard copy and eBook format

4. Understand the importance of frequent and consistent social communication opportunities throughout the summer.

Remember: Social comfort precedes communication! Individuals with SM tend to show improvement in smaller camps, with fewer children for longer periods of time. That’s why we’ve created our own weekend summer camp, tailored to families with children with SM. Learn more at www.CommuniCamp.org

-Accepts new patients

-No previous diagnosis required