Initial Consultation


Social Communication Anxiety Treatment (S-CAT)® is the research-based treatment used at the SMart Center.    

At the SMart Center, there are four types of initial appointments for child/teen evaluations:
(1) Comprehensive: In-Person, Webconference (WebEx)
(2) Per Service: In-Person, Teleconference, Webconference (WebEx)
(3) Ask the Doc: Non-patient consultation:
 Teleconference, Webconference (WebEx)
(4) Student AssessmentsWithin School  In-Person (for select states), Webconference (WebEx)

All initial consultations include evaluation of various parent/teacher assessment forms, review of past (relevant) records, parent Interview, child evaluation (In person/video) and, in some cases, IEP/504 review and/or discussion with outside treatment professionals and/or school personnel.

(1) Comprehensive Evaluation: 

This format is for children who require a full evaluation and comprehensive report. Ideal for children who have never been diagnosed, for children who have been diagnosed but past treatment has failed or minimal progress has been made and parent would like another full evaluation/report.

Comprehensive Evaluation appointments include:

  • Professional review of multiple parent/teacher assessment forms and relevant past records (such as IEPs or 504 Plans, as well as prior treatment evaluation reports).
  • In-person or webconference evaluation that includes parent interview, child evaluation, development of beginning treatment strategies to be implemented at home, in the real world, and at school.
  • Parent training using games and goals for home, real world, and school (to be provided by the center for your everyday use).
  • Development of step-by-step comprehensive written treatment Plan that includes history, diagnosis, treatment plan approach with specific recommendations for home, real world and school based on child’s location on the Social Communication Bridge (c).
  • Unlimited support and contact with our SMart Center team throughout the treatment journey.

(2) Per Service Consultation: In-Person, Teleconference, webconferencing (WebEx!)

This format is ideal for:
A. Local (In-Person) OR Long-Distance Families (via WebEx) who are searching for ‘additional recommendations’ and a different treatment approach and simply need to ‘just begin’ a new treatment or need treatment advice.

B. School personnel in need of advice on their students current social communication status and recommendations for school based accommodations and interventions.

C. Second opinions, evaluations to rule in/out SM, evaluations without a ‘detailed report,’ school accommodation recommendations, (504 plans, IEP plans, school oriented questions), or treatment recommendations/questions, letter writing, expert testifying, etc.

This consult is ideal for children who have already had comprehensive evaluations/report and treatment in the past and are not in need of a full comprehensive report.

Per Service consultations vary based on the purpose of the consultation.  Your per service may include the following:

  • An appointment summary report and beginning games and goals for home, real world and school.
  • 504 Plan and IEP recommendations

(3) Ask the Doc Consultation
:  Available via teleconference or Webconference (WebEx)

A non-patient consultation that is ideal for parents, school personnel or treatment professionals who are interested in a Question/Answer type consultation.

This format is ideal for:

A. Parent who are in active treatment with a local therapist but have unanswered questions or need more advice.

B.  School personnel who have specific questions related to a student with SM.

C. Treatment professionals who are working directly with a child or teen with SM and are in need of advice on treatment strategies and direction.

The Ask the Doc format includes:

  • Assessment of a brief questionnaire.
  • One-hour teleconference with relevant party.
  • Relevant handouts to supplement information provided during consultation.

There is no Doctor-Patient relationship established with an Ask the Doc consult.

(4) Student Assessments: Within School

SMart Center staff will present at the child’s school (Select areas) or via Webconference,  observe the child, and/or meet with school personnel to discuss findings and suggest school based accommodations and interventions. If requested, our staff can:
–Be present for 504 and IEP meetings either at the school or via arranged teleconference.
–Assist and provide services to the child within the school (related to school accommodations/interventions)

School On-Site Evaluations include:

  • Evaluation of  Selective Mutism School Evaluation Form (c)
  • Evaluation of brief Selective Mutism Comprehensive Diagnostic Questionnaire (SM-CDQ)
  • Student observation
  • Discussion with school staff regarding findings and recommendations such as accommodations and interventions (ex., IEP or 504 Plan).