“Lucas first came to the Smart Center when he was three years old.  He was completely mute in his school environment and with people outside his immediately family.  After being given the specific S-CAT® strategies to implement, we worked very hard to incorporate them into our daily routine and began to see progress quite quickly.  We played games given to us by Dr. E. and used a sticker chart with rewards to keep him motivated.  Lucas was fearful of a lot situations, so we incorporated a scary chart into our daily routine that helped him identify and discuss how scary a situation felt.  This strategy really helped him feel more in control of his feelings.  Every little success built his confidence and each year he improved.  Now at the age of 6, he is verbal in all settings.”

To effectively overcome Selective Mutism and all anxieties, an individual needs to be involved in a treatment program, such as CommuniCamp™ and Individual Intensive Treatment which employ the evidenced-based Social Communication Anxiety Treatment® (S-CAT®). Developed by Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum, this holistic or “whole-person” treatment approach is designed to reduce anxiety, build self-esteem, increase social comfort and communication in all settings…
How does our treatment approach differ from others?
  1. Our S-CAT® program focuses on the treatment of the child as a whole, not just their SM diagnosis.
  2. It’s been proven to work quickly. Within 3 visits (or less), patients make substantially significant improvement in their ability to speak in all settings—at home, at school, and in the real world.
  3. Follow-ups are monthly, not weekly.
  4. Follow-ups can be conducted remotely via web-conferencing.
  5. Step-by-step evidence-based success strategies and goal charts are provided to children, parents, and school staff.
  6. Results are quick and children are seen less often (avg. 3-7 sessions) leading to significantly less overall cost for treatment.
  7. S-CAT® has been used successfully for over 5,000 children, teens, and young adults world-wide.
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