Kayla and her family are established members of the SMart Center Family. They attended CommuniCamp™ as an adjunct to Individualized Intensive S-CAT® Treatment. Kayla’s mom shares her experience:

“In my head, I’ve been trying to craft the perfect THANK YOU letter to you guys, but every time I think of what to say, our daughter has another incredible progress leap, and my letter has to be adjusted. I do plan on writing Dr. E a full update, but until then, I just can’t wait any longer to say: THANK YOU. We were so sad that [CommuniCamp] was over, but what we have discovered since we’ve been back…is that camp is NOT over. Our five-year-old has taken everything you guys gave her and is independently applying it to her daily life. It is taking all my strength not to cry every time I witness her achieving one more thing that she couldn’t do a week ago.

Because we’ve been working with the SMart Center, I worried this would be repetitive for us. It was anything but. At the least it was a healthy refresh, but at the most, it was an incredible opportunity to go deeper, and to internalize your guidance. For my daughter, camp is now in her heart. She knows for a fact that she is ‘not the only one.’ She knows for a fact that there are things she can do to help herself. She knows for a fact that Dr. E and her counselors were there to help her. She knows for a fact that she can do what she sets her mind to. She now has proof and evidence to support all of this. I don’t believe she knew any of those things for a fact a week ago.

What an exceptional team of LOVING, SMART, SHARP, INTUITIVE, SUPPORTIVE professionals we met at CommuniCamp. THANK YOU.” -Kayla’s mom (February 2018 CommuniCamper and a member of our SMart Center Family)

If you’d like to speak to Kayla’s mom about their experience with the SMart Center’s CommuniCamp Program, send an email to CommuniCamp@SelectiveMutismCenter.org and we’ll be happy to share her contact information. She, among many of our family members, has offered to be a reference for our treatment programs.