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Jenna Blum M.S. and Sara Knight M.A. will provide psychoeducation to parents of children/teens who have Selective Mutism and/or social anxiety.

Evidenced-based strategies used within the S-CAT® program to help children/teens become more confident social communicators will be discussed as questions arise. Ie, concepts such as the Social Communication Bridge® will be used throughout to emphasize that SM is more than ‘not speaking’ and respect to the Stages of Social Communication will be addressed.

In addition, techniques will be discussed and adapted to the current isolation period due to the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus, COVID-19.

This discussion will open up conversation about anxiety in general and also help with parenting the child with SM/social anxiety.

Ideal for parents of children who attend the SMart Center but who are also new to the Center!

Registration is $30/session and you can choose to participate in as many as you like. Please note that families who successfully crossed the Social Communication Bridge® followed up consistently so ongoing support is recommended for treatment success.

This event will reoccur every Wednesday at 11:30am ET. Registration is $30/session. Ongoing support is recommended as this situation is evolving daily, so we encourage you to participate in this recurring support group as often as possible! Click here to register and select the date(s) you wish to attend