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Alexis Trakhtorchuk, B.A. will host this online treatment group for parents whose children are evidencing behavioral difficulties in or out of the home. This group meets weekly but participants can choose to attend once or as many times as they please! This group will help parents learn effective, evidence-based techniques for managing their child’s oppositional, confrontational behaviors. Parents will begin to understand their child’s “problematic behaviors” and utilize techniques taught in session to calmly and effectively work through problems around homework, following directions/rules, limiting screen time, and more. A variety of tools and strategies will be implemented, including but not limited to techniques rooted in Parenting Management Training (PMT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This group will provide psychoeducation to parents about the role that attention difficulties, routine interruption, and anxiety play in a child’s behavioral expression. Strategies such a positive reinforcement, shifted attention, and reward charts will be taught. These skills will be useful throughout the remainder of the quarantine as well as in the transition back to school and beyond. Early intervention with behavioral difficulties leads to significantly more positive outcomes for parents and children, alike. The end of each session will focus on acknowledging the difficulty that parents are facing under the new circumstances and provide a safe space to discuss frustrations and hardships. A quick self-care strategy will be provided in the last few minutes of session, to be utilized throughout the week when feeling stressed or overwhelmed.Whether you have received parent management training before, or are brand new to it, joining a treatment group provides the added benefit of meeting people with similar hardships and limits isolation.

Each week a new topic related to behavioral difficulties will be covered and a new skill will be taught in session and then practiced both in and out of the group. This group is appropriate for parents of children preK-12. Registration is $30/session and you can choose to participate in as many as you like. Weekly sessions are typically one-hour in length. Please note that ongoing support is recommended for treatment success. Click here to register: https://fs4.formsite.com/smartcenter/kcfiulembl/index.html