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Led by Alexis Bracy, M.S and Sara Neselsky B.S., this group meets Mondays at 11 am- 12 pm ET to help adolescents begin to better understand and manage their anxiety through learning and practicing cognitive-behavioral skills, including identifying and challenging thoughts that lead to anxiety, and utilizing relaxation and mindfulness skills. These skills will be applied to a variety of types of anxiety, including Panic disorder, Agoraphobia, Social Anxiety, OCD, and Generalized Anxiety. A formal diagnosis is not required for participation.

These sessions are $30/session and you can choose to participate in as many as you like. Please note that ongoing support is recommended for treatment success so we encourage you to participate in this recurring support group as often as possible! Click here to register and select the date(s) you wish to attend: https://fs4.formsite.com/smartcenter/liexo46idw/index.html