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Alexis Trakhtorchuk, B.A. will host this online treatment group for adults struggling with grief and loss. This group will help adults begin to better understand their emotions and to learn/practice skills to manage it using a variety of tools and strategies including but not limited techniques rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialetical Behavioral Therapy, behavioral activation, and mindfulness. This group will provide psychoeducation to adults about the cognitive behavioral model, discuss onset and maintenance factors of low mood, and provide simple techniques, rooted in evidence-based practice, to help adults through a difficult time in their lives.

Whether you have been in therapy before, or are brand new to it, joining a treatment group provides the added benefit of meeting people with similar hardships and limits isolation. Each week a new topic related to grief and loss will be covered and a new skill will be taught in session and then practiced both in and out of the group. These sessions are $30/session and you can choose to participate in as many as you like. Please note that ongoing support is recommended for treatment success.

Click here to register and select the date(s) you wish to attend: https://fs4.formsite.com/smartcenter/6u5ydqjz8s/index.html