by Julia Gomes, M.S., M.A.

Are you and your child(ren) feeling a little stir crazy during this period of self-isolation and social distancing? Know that you are not alone! Below are a list of quarantine-friendly activities to do with kids:

  1. Make a cardboard fort
  2. Set up a treasure hunt
  3. Watch the Beluga whales at Georgia aquarium:
  4. Take a digital tour of the Louvre:
  5. Baking together
  6. Watch Cincinnati Zoo livestream daily on their Facebook page at 3 PM:
  7. Have an indoor picnic
  8. Make elephant toothpaste:
  9. Take a virtual field trip to Yellowstone National Park:
  10. Keep a schedule
  11. Take a virtual field trip to the Boston Children’s Museum:
  12. Explore Mars:
  13. Make a space for learning
  14. Allow for recess
  15. FaceTime family members
  16. Make your own play-dough
  17. Play charades
  18. Go for a walk
  19. Write in a diary
  20. Practice mindfulness
  21. Exercise
  22. Listen to an astronaut read from space
  23. Have your children join Google Hangouts or Children Facebook Messenger where they can play games and connect with individuals the parent or caregiver approves.
  24. Interview each other
  25. Watch Bill Nye the Science Guy and do experiments along with him!
  26. Go on a virtual field trip to the Great Wall of China 27)
  27. Practice instruments
  28. Play “I spy” or “Hide and Seek”
  29. Try an at home dance or soccer class
  30. Create a gratitude journal
  31. Make your own soap: 
  32. Join a SMart Center Web Support Group:…-general-anxiety/