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"I want to thank you for
your continued support, leadership and pure heart. I don't think we'd be where we are today without you."


Our children speaking out

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Watch Aviana, one of the SMart Center's patients, as she reads from Sophie Blum's book, Unspoken Words.  This books looks at selective mutism from the child's perspective.  We are so proud of Aviana and all of her hard work!

Watch Carli, one of the SMart Center's patients, as she does an amazing job in her school play!  According to Carli's mom, it was a packed house and "she was incredibly nervous but said her three lines perfectly!"  We're so proud of Carli, and all of our patients!

Dr. Shipon-Blum and staff have successfully implemented Social Communication Anxiety Therapy (S-CAT)® with over 5000 children from around the globe. Below are just a few of the children who have made wonderful progress at the SMart Center!  Click to learn more about their hard work.

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 Matthew L.
   Matthew Z.
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 Faith    Gabie
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Sarah    Olivia
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 Thais    Liam

Parents speaking out about S-CAT®.
To hear more parents speaking about our S-CAT® and overcoming SM, visit our YOUTUBE channel.

"I was referred to S-CAT® by a friends friend. I appreciate them so much to help us walk out of the fog by introducing us to Dr. E. Shipon-Blum. I would highly recommend to anyone I know to see Dr. E. rather than taking detours to see other psychologists before getting introduced to S-CAT® program."

"Our son is doing great each day. He now plays with his classmates withcomplete verbal communication. He communicates well with his teacher. Heplaces orders at restaurants and he is not afraid to respond toquestions to any one. Of course he hesitates first, but what atremendous change. He is now enjoying life. His academic performancealso sky rocketed with the teachers being able to evaluate him and seehis skills. He raises his hand often in class to answer questions.Everybody in school and outside is amazed by his performance."

"Dr. E thank you for giving us the tools to help Chloe overcome SM. It's the only way and we are thrilled!"

To read more testimonials like this one click here.

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